Why choose us | Avantgarde Limousine Barcelona

Because of our professionals

Our professionals and collaborators enjoy their work and convey this enjoyment in everything they do. Our clients perceive it from the very first moment and they notice how little details are taken care of in order to make their lives more comfortable, without surprises or problems.At Avantgarde Limousine we know that if our clients are satisfied they will tell dozens of new clients and our work will multiply. From our inception, and through experience, we have seen that this is the case.

Because of our fleet

The majority of the limousines and luxury vehicles we use are Mercedes Benz, class E, class S and a 7 seater minivan + driver.

Because of our geographical coverage

Avantgarde Limousine is present in Barcelona and we can thereby provide you with the best geographical coverage for journeys in limousines and luxury vehicles.

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